Footsteps Fun Facts

Good news, Footsteps dance moms and students — I’m really NOT trying to drive you all crazy!  In case you haven’t seen any of my emails yet, here’s how to view your child’s class gallery:

click on CLIENTS right up there between my logo and banner photos

   click on FOOTSTEPS and the day of the week of your child’s class

    click on the class link such as ADVANCED AWESOME BALLET

    type in the day and class time as the gallery password in this format:  sunday530  (all lower case, no spaces, no colon)

As of this very minute I have all of the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday classes posted.  I finally stopped to count:  that’s 14 classes and 786 images!  SO FAR!  I will keep plugging away until I’m finished, so don’t give up on me if your child’s class isn’t there just yet.  If only these dancers weren’t so lovely, I might have been able to a) shoot less and b) toss out more…  🙂

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