I had a berry nice day at Froberg Farm

My friend Jessie and I had a berry nice day at Froberg Farm today.

Practically everyone has been talking about going out to pick strawberries at Froberg’s, and I was a little worried they’d already be picked clean.  Not hardly!

Acres upon acres of strawberry plants are waiting for YOU to stop by.  Even though buckets upon buckets have already been picked, the next wave will be ready soon.

We left plenty of berries for you that should be perfect in a couple of days.

I loved seeing all of the stages of development within a single cluster.

And I can vouch for how perfectly sweet these strawberries are.  Even the tiniest ones!

If the lady at the gate tells you it’s worth walking all the way to the back to get the biggest, ripest berries, do exactly what she says.  The fields are enormous, and most pickers (especially the youngest ones) stop at the very first rows. 

Beware of being overtaken by the feelings of deja vu and pouncing on the first berries you see.  You are not at an Easter egg hunt, and there will be more than enough for all!

On your way back in, be sure to take time to check out the rest of the goodies at Froberg’s.  No telling what you’ll find there that you didn’t even know you needed!  

On a gorgeously crisp spring day, or even on an overcast or muggy day for that matter, Froberg Farm is a place that just sets your soul aright.

Open your mouth and taste, open your eyes and see — how good God is!

Blessed are you who run to Him.

Psalm 34:8 MSG

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