I’m with Jane

This picture really does tell the whole story!

But why stop there?  I know you want to see all the details of Jane’s Putt-Putt Party.

She’s been hinting and asking and begging for someone to PLEASE go and play putt-putt golf with her since they moved to LA a few years ago.  Finally she just had to plan her very own birthday party there.  It was truly a day fit for a queen.

Queen Jane has a knack for making friends with kids of all ages.  Here’s Avery again, fresh off of his Oklahoma! performance and sporting a brand new haircut.  He brought along fellow kids Pat, Mindy and Isaac.

Trey had a great time with his own bunch of kids (mom, dad, grandmom and granddad) as he played his very first round of putt-putt golf.

Kate didn’t let a spooky old house slow her down one bit.

In fact, that house seemed to give her an extra shot of adrenaline and she whacked her golf ball right past it.

Dylan helped Jane improve her aim by creating a vewy big bwidge for her to hit her ball through.  It worked!

What a threesome!

And what nice big kids (grandmom, dad and mom) Kate and Dylan brought with them to the party.

But these two kids were still my favorites.

Happy Birthday, Jane!  We love you!

Now step away from the cupcakes!

And take me home, please!  My feet are killing me!  xoxooo

 Celebrate with me, friends!

Raise your glasses — “To life!  To love!”

Song of Solomon 5:1 MSG 

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