LA Art Scene

I’m in LA visiting my parents, and already I’ve been treated to great art in two unexpected places.  First we stopped by The Great Wall of Los Angeles, a half-mile long mural painted along inside the Tujunga Flood Control Channel (a.k.a. manmade concrete river).  It was uncharacteristically blustery that day, so we only spent a few minutes peeking through the fence at a tiny portion of it.  What an ingenious use of concrete!

Our second fine arts adventure turned out even better than we could have anticipated.  Mom’s friend Pat’s grandson Avery (got all that?) attends The Turning Point School, and Pat invited us to attend Avery’s middle school production of Oklahoma.  The school is to die for, including this professional-grade theatre and set.  (Get used to that head right in the middle of every single shot.  I was a visitor and was not about to rove around for great shots but instead stayed put in my seat.  Behind the head.)

As you may know (I didn’t), Oklahoma is a tale about farmers, cowboys, farmgirls, and the tensions between them.

The cowboys and farmers could really sing …

… and their fancy footwork was enthusiastically impressive.

Most people in the audience thought the hero of the story was a cowboy named Curly (the tall singing cowboy in the black hat a couple of shots earlier).  However, those of us who came to cheer on Avery knew that he was actually the main character.  He had a fight scene and everything, with a fight choreographer, no less.  You’ve no doubt already figured out that Avery (“Slim”) is the fiery farmer in overalls.

Middle-schoolers bring a unique charm to these roles.  What to do if a gal is a head taller than her feller?  Why, put him up on a hay bale, of course!

And who should play the two oldest characters?  Why, the two smallest actors, of course!

I’m thinking that a certain actress named Nicole may make her mark on the Broadway stage someday.  She was a terrific Aunt Eller.

And honestly, every single actor in this production gave their all throughout the entire show.

Just. too. adorable. 

And awesome.

MUCH more than OK!

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