Jane Wayne rides again

Made a new best friend today and her name is Rose.

She’s my new best friend because she took good care of my mama, aka Jane Wayne.  Mom hadn’t ridden a horse in years but had never given up the dream of riding again.

One reason Rose is so wonderful is that she is well cared for by her true best friends, Ethan and Kathy Gambino of Horses for Life!

So many beautiful horses roam peacefully around the property!

This one was particularly friendly and hoping to persuade someone to give her cookies.  I have a feeling someone may tuck a few cookies into his pocket for next time.

Since this was Jane Wayne’s first visit, Kathy worked at a slow and easy pace.  First a helmet …

… then a gentle stroll up the ramp  to mount the horse…

… then plenty of time to settle in …

… and lots of reassurance while getting familiar with how to communicate with Rose.

That was enough for today, but everyone was thrilled with the experience.

Especially our brave, hopeful Jane Wayne ❤

Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord. — Psalm 31:24

4 Comments on “Jane Wayne rides again

  1. Oh, Laurie, the look on Jane’s face in that last picture is priceless. So beautiful.

  2. I so loved faciltating AND enjoying Jane’s first ride! She is a joy!💓🐴

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