You can call me Joe

Pardon me, might I have a moment of your time?

I’d like to talk with you about your investment portfolio.  Have you thought about diversifying?

Because truly, that would be the wisest plan.  Take it from me.


What’s that?  You’re not sure I know what I’m talking about?

Well, to tell the truth, you’re right.  But the tie nearly fooled you, didn’t it?

I mean, from the moment my Grammy brought this outfit over, I could not wait to put it on!

I chuckled to myself, “You’re gonna knock ’em dead, kid!”




Oh good, here’s my lovely assistant!  She’s all dressed up too and I’ll bet I can sweet talk her into bringing me a snack.

Hold up.

Just exactly what is going on here?

About how long is this kissing going to be a thing?

I mean, I like you and all, but let’s try to keep that stuff under control.

HA!  Gotcha again!








It was so fun visiting with you today, Joseph/Joey/JayJoe/many more nicknames to come.  May you and your marvelous big sister have lots and lots of sweet and silly days together ahead!

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