Something tells me I’m going to love her forever

Look who I got to meet today!  The lovely and talented Miss Ellie Jo!!!
IMG_1035 b&w


She really is quite lovely, as anyone can see.

IMG_1093 b&wIMG_1120 fixed b&wIMG_1133 b&wIMG_1163


She’s also quite talented in that THE GIRL CAN SLEEP.

Multiple dogs barking.  Doorbell ringing.  Clothes off.  Clothes on.  Roll her on her side, on her tummy, on her back.  Jiggle her.  Blow softly in her face and whisper in her ear.


IMG_1189 b&w


Doesn’t matter to any of us because everybody loves Ellie Jo.

IMG_1233 b&wIMG_1344 b&w


Her Gramma, quite lovely and talented herself, is so charmed by Ellie Jo that she volunteered to chauffeur me to our visit and served ably as my photography assistant.



Here’s a shot I couldn’t have gotten without Gramma:

IMG_1388IMG_1388 full

All of Ellie Jo’s special people are just as eager to hang out with her and show her off.  Who wouldn’t be?



At long last, she decided to open her big, dark eyes and what did she find?  Four of us hovering around her, cooing and giggling and immediately asking her to talk to us.

“Um.  Can I help you?”

No break in the chattering and, even worse, no food offered.

IMG_1486 b&w


Y’all, the girl is all of 10 days old.  Have you ever SEEN such a clear communicator?!

IMG_1475 b&w


Ellie Jo, I got to hold you for nearly an hour today, and I am already in love.

Mom and Dad, good luck finding the willpower to put her down for more than five minutes.  On second thought, hold her every second you possibly can.

IMG_1468Praise the Lord. Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.

Psalm 106:1


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