Lovely Birthday Girl, then and now

Today is my mama’s birthday!


Looking through the earliest boxes of slides taken by my grandmother Lydia (my mom’s mother-in-law), I’ve been thrilled to find lots of great shots of young Jane.  Here are a couple of my favorites.  Isn’t she just the loveliest girl?!


My parents met at Southwestern University, where my dad’s next-younger sister was also a student.  Here they are in the lobby of the girls’ dorm:  Mom, Aunt Sarah, Daddy and Granddaddy Edwin.  (Any SU friends out there recognize LK? I’m pretty sure that couch was still gracing the sitting area while we were there.  Maybe still today!)


I know Mom was madly in love with Daddy here based on one simple fact:  despite her fear of water, she was on a boat. LAUGHING.


And it’s clear Grandmother Lydia approved of this girl who was crazy about her beloved son.  Lydia seems to have kept her camera focused on Jane at least as much as David.  Here they are on their college graduation day.


Within the next several months, lovely Jane’s life began to turn completely upside down.  First came wedding showers …


… then her wedding day, joined by her parents (my Maggie and Papa), her bestest girlfriends, and that handsome boy.


But that’s not all!  Jane and David moved to a brand new town, began brand new teaching careers, AND discovered that a brand new baby was on the way. Notice how they both look a bit stunned here?


I love that Lydia caught so many shots of my parents’ first year as grownups.


And even more, I love seeing the progression of that growing up process — including glimpses of their first home, visits to their parents’ homes, and Mom’s growing tummy.


Nope, this baby isn’t me.  This shot was taken just a few months before my arrival, but already I see the nice lady who gravitates toward babies, brings a great sense of humor to any situation, and lights up every room with her smile.


I love you, Mama.  Seeing these photos now makes me realize how very young you were — I feel surprisingly Mama Bearish toward you!  I’d like to sit down with you, put my arm around you and tell you how marvelous you are.  I’m so glad you were born on this day!


One Comment on “Lovely Birthday Girl, then and now

  1. Laurie ~ what a lovely tribute to both your parents! I have enjoyed seeing these very much. Thank you for sharing these and thanks also to your grandmother who thought to capture these moments for all time! Beautiful, beautiful people.

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