One Wonderfully Made Day

Each day tells a new story in the book that is your life.  Some of the stories are joyous, some are bittersweet, and some are comfortingly uneventful.

Do you keep mental snapshots of those days?  Would you like to also have photographs that document your stories?

One Wonderfully Made Day is a different kind of portrait session – one that aims to observe and capture the unique characters and true storyline of one day in your life.  Images are caught rather than posed.  Interactions are candid rather than orchestrated.  Ideally, the camera is ignored and the action simply unfolds.

You might want to use this session to have me capture treasured images of:

… a baby’s first trip to the beach

… a great-grandmother reading with your children

… a bedroom blanket fort-building adventure

… a hospital visit with a beloved family member or friend

… a dad teaching his son to change a carburetor

… a daughter’s pre-game ritual through after-game celebration

… a 90-year-old’s birthday gathering

… a marriage proposal extravaganza

… a farewell for someone heading into military service

… a quiet day at home, from breakfast preparations to bedtime tucking-in routine

one day footnote

What story can I transcribe for you with the help of my camera?  I can’t wait to find out!

One Wonderfully Made Day session pricing begins at $975 and includes an 8×8 image storybook.  Please contact me to discuss ideas and options.

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  1. Good friend, great photographer–check it out.

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