Senior Season 2014

It’s that time of year again!  For the next few months I’ll be traipsing all about the countryside with beautiful young people who are counting down the days until graduation.  Most of them will be high school seniors, but I’m hoping to have a few college grads as well.

If you are one of those prospective grads (or you happen to know one you’d like to have photographed), give me a call and let’s get you in front of my camera!  This year I’m offering two different types of sessions:  a 30-minute Standard Session or a 1+-hour Extended Session.  Check out options and pricing here.  We can shoot locally or head to a location outside of Brazoria County for an additional fee.  AND session fees are good for up to 6 people, so we can either focus exclusively on you or friends can come along and split the session with you!

I’ll be wrapping up all senior sessions by April 19, so DO NOT DILLY-DALLY.

Since I just finished editing the lovely Becca’s gallery, I’ll begin by sharing some of my favorites from her Extended Session.  We found all sorts of interesting places to shoot, and she lit up every single one of them.

I can’t wait to work with YOU and mark this special milestone!

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