13 people on stage.

1600+ people who’d come to Denver’s Ogden Theatre to hear them sing.

And sing they did!

They sang …

… they stomped …

… they hollered …

… they drummed …

… they strummed …

… they harmonized …

… they danced …

… they pounded …

… and they thoroughly outdid themselves.

I think you’ll need video to really get a sense of the evening.  Here’s their big finish:

If you’re interested in more video, CLICK HERE for a playlist including several more songs.

The crowd was terrific, especially those mashed up right in front of the stage with me …

… and The Oh Hellos had the time of their lives.

The band came back for an encore with Hello My Old Heart, the song Denver considers their big hit.

As one of their steadiest supporters listened from backstage …

… the band launched into the joyous ending to a most tremendous evening.

The set list was handed to an audience member …

… and the band soaked it all up for one last moment before saying goodnight.

What began with two artists two years ago …

… has expanded to include the gifts and efforts of several more.

Speaking as their #1 fan, I can honestly say that this performance and the joy pouring from these faces nearly made my heart burst into a million pieces.  Truly I was blessed to be a part of it and continue to look forward to much more to come!

2 Comments on “Showtime

  1. It was truly exhilarating. You did an amazing job capturing the “moments”. What was the biggest surprise to me was the diversity of the crowd – combination of young and old.

    Cannot wait for their 2014 schedule!

  2. Laurie,

    You and Curtis are so lucky! Please let me and Barbara know when the Oh Hellos get within 1000 miles or so of Atlanta. We’d like to share this joy again.

    Exciting images of contagious joy in motion!!!

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