I took an awful lot of photos on my Colorado trip.  This is not the least bit surprising, just overwhelming.  Because why take photos if I never look at them again?  And why look at them without also sharing them?  And why share them without carefully selecting the ones I think you’ll enjoy the most?  And why share only a few when I can OVERSHARE?

Here are some from the first part of our trip, which was spent in lovely Telluride CO.  Since safely steering a car doesn’t mix well with taking photos (especially on hilly, winding, icy roads), I was fortunate to have this handsome gentleman serve as my chauffeur.


I tried settling for iPhone + Instagram and managed to get a few shots I liked …

road to Telluride

… but the big camera ALWAYS wins out eventually.

IMG_8130We went to Telluride specifically to see The Oh Hellos perform at the Sheridan Opera House, but I was thrilled to have the opportunity to visit this little town and stay in a 17-room inn just a few blocks away from the Sheridan.  IMG_8529IMG_8517

Did you know that most people trek to Telluride for skiing rather than musical entertainment?!!  To each his own, I suppose.  We gladly made use of the free gondola ride to view the countryside from the top of the mountain.


We did our best to take in the view without impeding the progress of people doggedly risking their lives sliding downhill on treacherous wooden slats.


Later we enjoyed a second gondola ride and after-dark walk around town.


Gorgeous, huh?  If you’re not quite ready to leave Telluride yet (and really, who would be?), just click on the slideshow below.  Enjoy!

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