Oh Hello, Denver!

An amazing, surreal, life-changing (quite possibly world-changing) thing happened this weekend.  Where to begin?

Maybe here?

You may recognize those two people in the middle of the group shot above since they appear on my blog every now and then.  The Oh Hellos are a little band consisting of Tyler and Maggie Heath plus a rotating crew of talented friends.  They recorded a four-song EP, then a full-length album, then pulled together a live show, THEN hit the road.  Their first destination:  two nights in Denver at the Bluebird Theater, both sold-out.

I had to miss the first show but made it for the second.  After walking across the street for dinner with the gang …

… it was time to head backstage and wait for their curtain call.

 “Backstage” turned out to be “downstairs under the stage in a somewhat creepy room” …

… but this group manages to keep one another entertained no matter where they are.

Merchandise was set up and ready for sale.  Fans began to gather.

The band waited nervously/impatiently behind the curtain.  (DID YOU CLICK ON THE LINK?  I actually learned how to post video to Youtube and link to it just so YOU could be part of the adventure!)

And then … Well, I hate to be mean but you’ll have to check back in the next couple of days for what came next!  And yes, I am unspeakably proud.  Even more than proud, I am amazed by the work God is doing.

 Behold!  I am doing a new thing!  – Isaiah 43:19

P.S.  I took the first shot with my iPhone.  I’m learning but still am not very good at that.

P.P.S.  I brazenly stole the shot of the drumhead/setlist from a band member’s Facebook page.  Pretty sure my Mom Clause includes that right.  Also, sorry and thank you, Austin.  I wish I’d seen it myself to capture it honestly.

2 Comments on “Oh Hello, Denver!

  1. Thanks for doing this Laurie! I am so proud of your wonderful children and the beautiful family they come from. It is great to have this venue so I can go along for the ride. I love the ‘Oh Hello’s’!!!! Awesome work on everyone’s part! Can’t wait to see them in Salt Lake City!

    P.S. Yes, I do believe the Mom clause gives you special privileges!!!

  2. Wow! You really pulled out those Green Room shots. VERY nice.

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