Aaaaaaah, springtime in L A (in July)

I just returned from probably my last trip to visit my parents in Los Angeles, since they’re planning to move this fall.  God gave us absolutely delightful weather – temps in the 80s, cool evenings, brilliant blue skies and, best of all, no mosquitoes.  Aaaaaahhhhh.

We always manage to find neat things to do while I’m there, and this visit was no exception.  Our biggest outing was to Griffith Observatory on Mt. Hollywood.  From the entryway …

… to the grounds …

… to the outdoor and planetarium vistas …

… and the view of the city, this is a true LA icon and well worth a visit.

An especially nice treat is tucked away just below the observatory:  Fern Dell in Griffith Park.  We walked through part of this lovely trail just to confirm its reputation for making visitors forget they are in the heart of the city.  It definitely worked for us! 

On my way back home to Texas, I had a three-hour layover in Phoenix.  What to do with all that time?  My longtime friend Vickie had the answer:  a whirlwind driving tour of the city!  We ended up at the Arizona Biltmore, I place I’d definitely like to return to for several days.  Even trotting through while watching the clock so I wouldn’t miss my plane, my eyes were drawn to countless beautiful details.

I especially loved these ladies featured in several prominent spots throughout the resort.  No two sprites are alike, and you can read more about them here.

I’m so thankful for opportunities to explore new places AND hang out with beloved travel partners!

From now on every road you travel will take you to God.

Follow the Covenant signs; read the charted directions.

Psalm 25:10 MESSAGE

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