Steadily advancing

The intermediate dance level is a sweet place to be.  By now these students have been dancing together for several years and they’ve become good friends.  They enjoy taking a few minutes at the beginning of class to share their week’s highs and lows before hitting the dance floor.

They not only accept stretching exercises as part of the routine, they are proud of the results of all that hard work.

Then it’s on to the business of developing jazzy looseness …

… and ballet-y precision.

Such elegance.  Such control.  Such strength.

I love seeing next-step-up dancers being encouraged to help train younger students.  It shows that growth does indeed happen with practice, while teaching assistants get the chance to demonstrate what they’ve already mastered.

These two tappers are busily developing their skills to pass along to some of the youngest dancers …

… and they’re having a pretty good time together along the way!

At this level, dancers also have the opportunity to branch out beyond ballet, tap and jazz. 

This hip-hop class requires and inspires constant high energy …

… matched only by the antics of the musical theatre group.

If these three weren’t characters before beginning this class, their teacher is certainly molding them into her image!

Doesn’t this look like fun?  If someone in your household thinks so, it’s not too late to contact Footsteps School of Dance and register for summer and/or fall classes! 

I set Your instructions to music and sing them as I walk this pilgrim way.

I meditate on Your name all night, God, treasuring Your revelation, O God.

Psalm 119:54-55 MESSAGE

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