Stepping up

At the tender ages of 4, 5 and 6, Footsteps dancers begin to train their bodies to move into classic ballet positions.  They learn basic warm-up steps, hop in place, and wait their turn to dance across the floor – some with a little more attitude than others.

With a little preparation of their slipper soles and some last-minute individual instruction, they’re ready to leap into action.

Then it’s time to TAP!  Oh, the thrill of lacing up tap shoes in these early days.  Shoes that make noise!  Shoes that skitter across the dance floor!  Shoes with lots and lots of room for stickers!

So much stretching and trying new things and energetic dancing happens in this room week after week.

So much joy is being set free in the steps these little feet are taking.

I run in the path of Your commands,

for You have set my heart free.

Psalm 119:32

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